Family Ties

Hi! This  is Candy Worner setting up my new WordPress blog post! I’m excited to be starting this adventure with WordPress. I attended a WordPress workshop in Kansas City recently and strongly advise you to join their community. Everyone was super friendly. I met Dave Navarro there who is now a great mentor and friend for our entire family. He was giving a lecture about FaceBook Live. You can see it on “The Secret Sauce” on and how to use FB Live.

Check him out at: Tech Guru Dave Navarro on FB.

Lol! He is not paying me to tell you about him. He is a really great guy.

This blog is a platform for my many interests which mainly are connected to family in some way. Check out my categories. (in progress)

The picture above is of my (l-r) Mother, Betty Virginia LaHue Martindale LaMar, Uncle “Billy” LaHue, and a little friend. Mom died Nov 2016 and I still miss her dreadfully.

I look forward to your comments and questions. Ask me almost anything! Let me know if you want me to emphasize more of certain categories. I am currently working on a coffee table book about my Uncle Ray LaMar I am going to call it Donuts. Surprise! Lol My Dad, his youngest brother, Eddie LaMar, worked for him for ten years. He fried thousands of donuts! I have some fun family stories in the “Tidbits” category about them. If you have any comments or great stories connected with my Dad, Uncle Ray, and/or donuts let me know!

That’s all for now! I’m busy learning how to use WordPress and adding content.

Candy LaMar Worner