Blogging Fundamentals & My Family History Project

I’m excited about the lessons for WordPress! I have been thinking about starting a blog since WordPress started and just kept putting it off! Wow! How crazy is that!  Now is the time.! Time to get busy and start my dream businesses. Yes, plural!

I am starting with one of my biggest passions family history. Discovering Genealogy drew me into a fascination with history, photography, writing, researching, cemetery visiting, book publishing and a connection with family in the past that turned into an addictive, exciting adventure.

So my first big project will be a coffee table book about Donuts. Yes! Donuts! My Uncle Raymond LaMar bought the doughnut business he worked at when he came back from WWII and LaMar’s Donuts was born. He became known as “The Donut King” of Kansas City, Missouri.

I would appreciate your stories and photos related to your experiences about LaMar’s Donuts please send them to:  


Candy LaMar Worner