Ma Première Peinture Plein Air

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Abstract Warrior — Rhapsody Bohème

Painting is art in creation for me. It allows me to bring to life the imagination that ultimately starts in my head. Much like writing and photography it is an outlet for me, a balance to a hectic life that could easily fall into a rut. It is storytelling, something that should speak to you […]

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Family Ties

Hi! This  is Candy Worner setting up my new WordPress blog post! I’m excited to be starting this adventure with WordPress. I attended a WordPress workshop in Kansas City recently and strongly advise you to join their community. Everyone was super friendly. I met Dave Navarro there who is now a great mentor and friend for our entire family. He was giving a lecture about FaceBook Live. You can see it on “The Secret Sauce” on and how to use FB Live.

Check him out at: Tech Guru Dave Navarro on FB.

Lol! He is not paying me to tell you about him. He is a really great guy.

This blog is a platform for my many interests which mainly are connected to family in some way. Check out my categories. (in progress)

The picture above is of my (l-r) Mother, Betty Virginia LaHue Martindale LaMar, Uncle “Billy” LaHue, and a little friend. Mom died Nov 2016 and I still miss her dreadfully.

I look forward to your comments and questions. Ask me almost anything! Let me know if you want me to emphasize more of certain categories. I am currently working on a coffee table book about my Uncle Ray LaMar I am going to call it Donuts. Surprise! Lol My Dad, his youngest brother, Eddie LaMar, worked for him for ten years. He fried thousands of donuts! I have some fun family stories in the “Tidbits” category about them. If you have any comments or great stories connected with my Dad, Uncle Ray, and/or donuts let me know!

That’s all for now! I’m busy learning how to use WordPress and adding content.

Candy LaMar Worner